Friday, March 06, 2009

Musicness and other stuff

The view from where we stood:

-rows of wooden CD bins.
-the back of a smartly bespectacled woman's head, her hair a strange platinum fluff growing out of brown straight strands.
-a gigantic neon colored Minnie Mouse purse.
-Japanese finger puppets.
-a bin card for Kaki King
-lovely worn and dusty wooden floor.
-a middle-aged man in a military jacket pacing nervously in the latter alphabet of the rock section.
-my black Earth shoes
-Randi's green t-shirt framed by a long black cardigan sweater.
-Two young men with guitars.

Those two young men were from the Annuals. They played a rather lighthearted short set, four songs in total. Wedged in at the end of the sales room, between bins, stood frontman Adam Baker and lead guitarist Kenny Florence. I was taken aback by clean brilliant banter of the lead accoustic. I had anticipated a bit of raggle-taggle acoustic chord flim-flam that I'd seen thrown together so often other bands' in-stores. Maybe I was always just going to the wrong stores. Or checking out the wrong bands. In any event, the midday adventure with Randi to Shake It records was well worth it.

I picked up a few records on my way out ("way out" consisting of an hour and a half of mindless wandering through the bins, wondering what I had even listened to lately, what I had written on that list of albums that sits on my desk at work, wondering what my name was, while Randi thoughtfully fueled my record ramble with a coffee run to Sidewinders).

Latest Acquisitions:
Richard Swift as Onasis

Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day

Jelly Roll Morton
- The Complete Library of Congress Recordings

Clem Snide - Ghost of Fashion

St. Vincent - Marry Me

Future Dates of Awesomeness

Wednesday - March 25 - The Heartless Bastards instore at Shake It Records
Thursday - March 26 - The High Strung @ the Comet

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