Thursday, May 14, 2009

shortmix for a rainy thursday

King Porter Stomp - Jelly Roll Morton
You're Driving Me Crazy - Django Reinhardt
Toby Dammit Part One
- 13ghosts
Slide Show - Travis
Monty Got a Raw Deal - REM
Book of Angels - Jim White
Downtown - Dexateens (coming to the Southgate House next week! (playing the parlour))
Katy Song - Red House Painters
A House - Doves

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Today I am the dusk.

If I go about this like I should, you wouldn't get very far. You wouldn't be able to follow me down this particular path. You'd stop in your tracks and look around and begin to wonder and wonder and I would be gone. I would have disappeared from your line of vision, and more importantly, within a matter of seconds, I would have disappeared from your thoughts as well. Today I am the dusk. I'm those gray moments, dulling your surroundings. I am the wilting, careless dream.

Today I am the dusk.


One of James' very favorite videos
Bat for Lashes