Monday, March 02, 2009

The Birthday of the Ruth and other good puppetness

Happy Birthday Ruth!!!! Hurrah!!!
May your day be filled with lovely random hugs from bus drivers and incredible mix tapes.

Ruth's Birthday Puppet


Randi and lil Randi

Randi and I spent Friday evening at Sidewinder's crafting to the sweet and scary sounds of a death-obsessed singer songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. I can't remember his name, but as part of his mid-set death trilogy he be-wailed Joe Strummer's death and growled about recent death threats of his own. And honestly, over-all he was a very cheerful, almost cheeky individual. He kept thanking us for being there (as Randi and i were the only two in the room for his set...and the whole time he was playing, we were making things out of felt and string - but we did "woo-hoo" and applaud him after every song. That has to count for something.)
I really do love the back room of Sidewinders and would love to see another show there, or perhaps work to organize a reading sometime in the near future.

lil Randi


Last weekend Randi and I attended the Knot Only Knitting crafting circle at the Northside branch of the Cincinnati Public Library.

lil Amber in the works

lil Sara Leah

and the end product of last weekend's crafting craziness ---->

lil Amber, Gizmo Aloysius Records, and lil Sara Leah

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