Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday, a Budweiser, and Books on Baseball

Amber is still the master of Connect Four. After an evening of stuffing and stickering, getting ready for the press rampage of the new Barton Carroll album, we sat at the folding table plopping the black and red checkers into their holey, yellow home as Travis and Shawn brainstormed about the upcoming showcase in T-town and Will worked on his new screenplay. God, I love my friends. Have I mentioned that? I find myself so freaking fortunate to have these intriguing and imaginative, lovely, lovely souls in my life. We threw comments back and forth over the table all evening, passed beers around and laughed a good deal and it felt so good.

I played Midlake on the stereo for a while and then Travis took over. He threw in Wire's Chairs Missing and then Pink Flag...great soundtracks to the rough and tough mind match going on down in the Amber/Sara corner of the table.

Okay, so I'm sure that you're going to hear about this on like every music blog (Stereogum's already kicked it) in the next few days, but I can't help but show you the great new video by OK GO. And now you're saying..."Sara Leah, they've already done the whole choreographed in the back yard geeky band dance fest." Sister, the last video was not done on treadmills. So here you go:

I've started distributing my summer mix. Just in case you got a cd without a song list, I'm posting it now:

All My Wasted Days - the Amazing Pilots
Priest's Knees - Destroyer
Straight to My Head - Ana Egge
Down to Zero - Bettye LaVette
The Storm - 13ghosts
Somersault - Decoder Ring
A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door - Bill Ricchini
They Cannot Let It Expand - Midlake
No Room for Change - Crystal Skulls
Crooked In the Weird of the Catacombs - Oranger
Bees & Butterflies (Down) - Girls in Hawaii
Malt Liquor - Hope For Agoldensummer
Oh Lately It's So Quiet - OK Go
No One Knew Where we Were - Midlake
Mysterious In Black - The Mendoza Line
Ballad of Bitter Honey - Eef Barlzelay of Clem Snide

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michael said...

Hey y'all
everyone knows that okgo are the masters of the short form video, they proved that with 2006' treadmill video. You may or may not have seen the newest visual sensation from the boys. Its the new video for their song "do what you want".. It features a gaggle of freaky side show type performers doing their thing, but here is the catch,they are doing their acrobatics and trickery while dressed in vintage wallpaper suits from head to toe. Their suits match the back round of this one shot video, causing much visual stimulation!!
Check it out for yourselves...