Saturday, July 15, 2006

So much to do. So much on my mind. Everything is racing past.

I'm on my last few pages in the brown book. It's hard to believe that I've filled it all within a few short months. I started writing in Austin. In fact, the book was specifically purchased for that trip, to record all of those little moments, little gorgeous details that made each day incredible. And I did record so much, from the deep-fried avocado on my first night in town, to Joe Henry's polka dotted scarf, the guy from Of Montreal's sweaty chest (and Travis's reaction to it), and my friend Shaun's incredible eyes. There are quickly scribbled sketches, terrible ones, of bands and people and things... After I arrived home, I kept on, I wrote in my book about every single show I attended, every evening of note, little thoughts and weird awakenings, tiny uneven poems and shadowed blotchy portraits...and this little book is almost finished. Amazing to me.

13ghosts were incredible tonight. The acoustic setup at the Moonlight works well for them and to have the piano, well, it enabled Bradley to play a few songs that I don't believe they normally would have played at a regular show. I found myself sitting in the center of the small gathering, holding tight and intent upon every little note.

They co-billed with Andrew Bryant, a song writer from Memphis whom Bradley met while on tour with Maria Taylor.

Notes on Andrew Bryant (brown book rambling):

"He closes his eyes, leans forward, and croons sad stories of cowboys and dust and blood and lust. I love it how he rides the low notes on his guitar like a rolling road beneath a traveling car. You can imagine it - staring with him out of the window into the distance - at this moment I see the backroads, at home in Illinois, North of Brownstown, the flat and endless rows, the curving cracking roads and overgrown ditches full of weeds and wildflowers. The sky is turning a mellow gold and orange and pink, blue and dark behind. You rest your hand on the warm exterior of the car, elbow propped out of the window, the wind and movement pulling you further out into the evening. All of this, I hear and see. All of this from a song."

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