Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"A beer and a chocolate donut"

Seriously, Dan've driven me through this day with your morphy dylan/drama voice and rolling groove rock. I love Destroyer. Another Travis Morgan gift. He's so good at that, knowing my tastes, throwing another suggestion of music sublime my way. I'll listen from now on, Trav, I'll listen.

I've been dethroned.
I've given up my title as Connect Four Queen of the Universe.

After extended volley of beer pong last night, Amber and I settled down in the freshly (and beautifully) painted Skybucket suite to play a bit of the old Connect Four. I think more than anything we were happy to get out of the muggy evening air of the warehouse and into the air conditioning. That's one thing I love about our new office in this wonderful season of drought and dreariness. I love the cool, cool air flowing from those vents.

Les showed up late in the evening to challenge the checker dropping champion for her newly won title, but to no avail. Amber continued to amaze us all with her cunning and verve.

Speaking of amazing, Tomorrow night (Thursday) is the Skybucket Songwriter's Round. I hope that you'll plan to attend. It is to be the very last of the Skybucket shows at the Moonlight, as this sweet little venue is due to close it's doors at the beginning of October. This makes me very sad. I've been with the Moonlight in some shape or shadow since 2003, and have been witness to some extraordinary shows over the years.

While I was in the hospital with my second MS attack in the Spring of 2004, I sat in the evenings with the phone to my ear and on the other end of the line, Joni held the phone in the air while Jason Bailey and friends played and played. It made me want to get better, get back to the music, that which I loved the most. That is what this place has always been about, the music. Keith has given so much to keep it alive these past three years... It's absolutely incredible to me.

In any event, please come out if you can:
Skybucket Songwriters Round

Moonlight Music Cafe
628 Montgomery Hwy
Birmingham, Al 35216

Thursday July 20 8pm

With performances by:

Jody Nelson (of Through the Sparks)
Wes McDonald
Brad Armstrong (of 13ghosts)
and friends...
This is what will happen...
These three amazing songwriters, some of the best in Birmingham, will rotate around playing a few songs at a time, sometimes solo, and sometimes collaborating. They'll trade up every so often and will randomly be joined on stage by various other musicians in the audience. This is a very unique offering that I can assure you is not a common thing for musicians and performances around here, or likely in many places. Judging by the last songwriters night, this should prove to be quite an amazing performance.

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