Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jordache Jump

Dear Dreary Monday,

I spin around in my chair. I cross my ankles and close my eyes. I try to imagine a periwinkle sky or the bright spectre of a Spring sunrise.

My headphones have become a headband, a musical, whimsical, and stylish work accessory.

SECRET: They are a portal.

When I walk down the hall, my heels twist out in a little dance. The taupe walls pulsate and the fluorescent lights flex and fumble along to the beat.


Pat Jordache (whom James refers to as a drunk Canadian version of New Order. I would say more Orange Juice than New Order, but it's all relative...and it's all awesome.) has a new record (Future Songs) out on Constellation. Enjoy.

Pat Jordache - Phantom Limb from philip a karneef on Vimeo.

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