Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cincinnati Shortmix: CAC - Tara Donovan Exhibit

Lovetown - The Glands
Fire - Jason Collett
Chasing After Deer - Midlake
Corpus Christi Carol (for Roy) - Jeff Buckley
Songs Without Words (Opus 19 No 2)- Paul McCandles
Circles - Shortwave Radio
Teenage Phantasm - LYLAS
The Summer - Yo La Tengo
When It Begins - Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew

que: MUSIC

Tara Donovan's Exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center:

The exhibit will continue through May 3, 2009

Also note: Next weekend
Saturday, February 21, 4pm & Sunday, February 22, 12:30pm

Minimalist musical performance in response to the materials and forms of Tara Donovan. Visit the CAC on Saturday for a classical guitar and cello duet between local musicians Isaac Hand & Ethan Philbrick and then again on Sunday with a performance by the Flux Capacitors.

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