Thursday, January 08, 2009


She had me walk in a line, toe to heel, toe to heel. I had to lift up my pant legs, they were so wide. It was the same as I tiptoed across the room and walked only upon my heels. My huge pants just seemed to get in the way. James later said that it looked really funny, but it got the job done. I sat through many other tests today, simple ones, touching my finger to my nose with my eyes closed, pushing my legs and arms against the doctor's strong grip. She is my new neurologist, a specialist at the Waddell Center at the University of Cincinnati Hospital. The interview today was really encouraging. She asked me several questions that none of my other doctors had ever asked me before and ordered some tests (bloodwork) that I had never heard of. We'll schedule the new round of MRI's next week. Maybe Dr. Melanson will be able to tell me something new. Maybe she will just help James and I manage my symptoms so that I can have a more comfortable life. Either way, I'm very happy and excited about the future.

Album of the day:

You Forgot It In People - Broken Social Scene


Anonymous said...

I respected the fact that she brought coffee with her into the examination room. If my neurologist is not properly caffeinated, then he or she is not my neurologist.

Kirsten said...

Ah - finding a doctor that you click with and are confident in may be one of the most lovely moments of adulthood.

I hope she's got some good ideas and some valuable results coming your way!

Canaduh said...

Album of the day, eh? (sigh) If only Bob & Doug at the Rocky Horror Picture show could've seen this coming...
miss you baby guac ;)