Monday, March 19, 2007


"I think I'm going to the zZz. At 1 am, I'm going to the zZz. Do you want to go with me?"

"Um. No? What? You're going to sleep?"

The guy, holding the guitar case, grinned and scratched his head with his free hand. "No. I'm going to see the zZz. They're playing over on 6th Street. Somewhere. I don't have my schedule with me. Or. We should rent Tron and eat nachos."

Rebecca and I were standing on the corner by Lamberts with the guy who runs White Whale and one of his bands. We'd just left the White Whale/FlemishEye Showcase. I was actually scanning my map to find the location of the Ponderosa Stomp Showcase. I was on a roll. It was Friday night and just that day I'd already seen Booker T, the Paybacks (from Detroit), The Hoodoo Gurus, Casa De Chihuahua, Clem Snide, Adem, The Cape May, a video of Chad VanGaalen (he'd been stopped at the border and couldn't get into the U.S. for the show, so he played two songs form his kitchen) and a really great three piece I've yet to get the name of who took Chad's spot for the evening. Now I was on my way to see 5 more acts before the night was over. (Ponderosa Stomp Showcase: Dennis Coffey, Archie Bell, Wiley and the Checkmates, Harvey Scales, and Bobby Patterson) (I was a very busy girl)

I smiled at Tron-boy and Gave my extra copy of the town map and show schedule to White Whale guy and darted up the street.

Over the next few days, I'll be writing about our adventures in Austin and uploading all of the pictures. Amber and Rebecca and I drove all night last night to get home, and I'm still a bit exhausted, but I've thrown some of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's pictures up on FLICKR. More to come, so keep checking back.

Now. To bedness.

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e* said...

hey, glad yer back. you missed a bang-up show or 2 here, so i'm anxiously awaiting reports on the wonder and glory of sxsw. report!