Friday, February 23, 2007

Vomit Lasers Family Band

The Black Lips/ Dark Meat/ Fatal Flying Guillotines
February 22, 2007 @ the Bottletree

"I feel as if I were being vomited inside an amplifier inside of a volcano"
- Jacob Tubbs

The first band, Fatal Flying Guillotines, were so extremely loud that we had to text message each other to converse about how loud they were. Greg, the bartender happily handed us two sets of earplugs and Jacob flashed his T-shirt that was under his sweater, which featured a Spinal Tap Amplifier dial that went to 11.

For some reason I thought that there were only two bands playing. As we heard instruments murmuring behind the movie screen on the stage, we got up from our table and moved toward the front, ready to see the infamous Black Lips. But when Merrillee rolled the screen up, Jacob and I both were a little overwhelmed to discover, this was not the Black Lips, this was THE LARGEST BAND EVER, Dark Meat, a music collective from Athens. There were almost 20 people on that little stage, guitarist, two drummers, bassist, 3 girl singers, a horn section (which featured an unamused fife player), a girl with a pair of marracas, and a guy with drum sticks and other gadgets who beat on pretty much everything. Oh, an did I mention that they had an EXTRA saxophone player?

It was the loudest, craziest thing I'd heard in a long long while, the totally packed stage was positively writhing with activity, people in costumes, dancing, jumping, whirling. I looked over at Jacob and he still had Chachi on his finger while he bobbed back and forth, the people all around us were dancing too, hands in the air. One guy in front of us, a long haired metal dude, knelt down to the stage as if he was at the invitation at a baptist church, probably praying to the gods of distortion.

As I looked at everyone on stage, I realized that two of the girl singers were Page and Claire Campbell, the sisters from one of my FAVORITE bands/collectives/whatever Hope For Agoldensummer. I cannot tell you what a joy I've always found watching them sing and play. I've booked them at the Moonlight. Absolutely incredible. Now, to watch them wail over a bursting madness of was a bit euphoric.

After the set, I realized how late it was, and like Cinderella ran out the
door, down the steps and into my awaiting coach. I hated to miss the Black Lips, but sometimes I feel the need to do this really lame thing called "Sleeping" before I work a full day at the Emergency Room.

I got a little bit of sleep. I dreamt of Jacob dancing in front of the
stage, in front of the Black Lips, Beer in one hand, Chachi on the other, arms in the air. He was sort of riverdancing, and in his Freddie Mercury Halloween Costume. But that's cool.

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